My New Zealand Trip Part I

Earlier this month, I was blessed with the opportunity to go on a school trip to New Zealand. It was the best days of my life so I want to share the highlights with you guys. Plus, it’s fun to review the moments. I journaled seven pages every day, so it would be redundant if I paste everything here, but I’ll cover as much as possible. Disclaimer: this blog post will sound like a diary.

Day 1 (On the plane)

I saw my friends at the airport and there were some not-so-emotional goodbyes. I chatted with my best friend about our weekends, hopes for this trip, and everything. I small-talked with people I used to be close to and still care about. We went through security and found our gate. Everything felt familiar. The snack machine, the pass-way, and the Starbucks nearby. We ordered lattes and croissants and took selfies.

During the four hours flight to San Francisco, my friend and I had some in-depth discussions about subjects like race, nationality, and human rights. We disagreed with each other on religion, but we did so respectfully. “We’re solving some world problems here!” We also talked about things that directly impact our lives more like the relationship with teachers, friendship, college, and career. She is one of a kind and I believe this will turn into a lifelong friendship.

During the nineteen hours flight to Auckland, I watched Ralph Breaks the Internet and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (!!). The latter was exceptional. I did not understand the plot at first which I half-heartedly blamed the British accent but it portrayed the magical world that I’ve always dreamed of. (I did not watch Harry Potter movies because I love the books way too much. It’s an obsession.)

I could not fall fully asleep, but I napped frequently with my earbuds in. Otherwise, my sensitive nature would force me to eavesdrop conversations that have nothing to do with me.

Day Two (Arrived)

After a few stressful moments of declaring plant products (if the security finds food that you did not declare the fine was $400!), we were finally showered in New Zealand’s warm sunshine. I couldn’t believe it was summer here! And people were driving on the left side of the road! I exchanged cash, ate lunch, and brought some healthy snacks for the next few days at a mall. We sang pop songs in the van. I took a nap; when I woke up, we were driving under a beautiful tree avenue. 

We hiked through the mountains and arrived at a waterfall. Nature was quiet and breathtaking. My adventurous side finally revealed herself: I helped my friend through the river and climbed on the rocks covered by soft green moss next to the waterfall. My classmates gasped. Then I swam under the waterfall twice. I wanted to see how long I could stay under it. It was so refreshing!

Since then, my dream had changed; my future home is not only going to be a cabin in the woods but a cabin in the woods near a waterfall. In ten years, I would have a creative job that allows myself plenty of time to write and slowly work on my Ph.D. I would have adopted two cats and perhaps a bunny that accompanies me in the wilderness. As we talked about our future, we slowed down our paces. It was a waste to ignore the beautiful scenery! My other friend, who was addicted to taking plant photos, caught up with us and we jogged on the wooden trial. We thought we might get into trouble for falling behind—spoiler: we didn’t—but we just smiled.

“If I didn’t get into trouble in high school for friends, my high school years were wasted.”

Because we were running out of time, we only stayed at the beach for ten minutes. But my friend and I raced in the sand to the ocean. 

It seemed like we were running towards the sun.

Then we went to one of our chaperone’s in-laws’ house. They were so friendly and generous and offered us various kinds of food. Rice with comforting curry, roasted potato (I’ve never eaten anything more delicious in my life!), sweet potato, chicken, lamb……egg white cake and cream donut for desserts. I even tried ginger beer. I usually don’t like ginger flavor but it was surprisingly good. (Spoiler: I also drank tons of Kombucha during the trip.) They also have a dog who just loves people.

Travel usually caused me anxiety, but this time, perhaps because of my friends’ presence, I felt more carefree and unafraid than ever. Bonus point: we were so exhausted that I slept like a rock. 

PS: It seems like that I can’t finish the narrative in just a couple of posts……please let me know if you want to hear more about my trip. Thanks for reading!

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